What time does the race start? - 9.45am (Kids 1mile fun run is 9am)

Where am I going on race day? - Check out the on-the-day page (The on the day page will be a copy of the final race instruction email that will be sent out a few days before the race)

Do the boats follow the same route as the runners? As you'll see from the course page, the run and boat routes do differ. This is to ensure we can meet the speed limit on the river, and still give a full 10km for the run. The pace of the boats have been designed to give opportunities for runners running at those paces a chance to get close to the boats at periods during the race, but fundamentally you are trying to BEAT THE BOAT back, so you may only see it once.

Will there be prizes? As well as the normal prizes for male and female winners, we are also looking to have age group prizes and team prizes

What else will I get with my entry? With your entry you'll get a bespoke technical t-shirt and bespoke medal.

Will children need boat tickets? Yes, there are numerous logistical and safety reasons, but the charge for Children's boat tickets are the same irrespective of age.

Will numbers be posted out? No, these will be collected on the day from our Race HQ.

Will there be free parking? Unfortunately there is no abundance of free parking in Windsor or Eton, and we aren't allowed vehicles on the Brocas fields. We recommend you check out the parking situation well in advance to pick the best place for either pre or post race access. The on the day page has more details

Where's the best place to park for easy, or disabled, access to the boats?  We'd recommend the Windsor side, either at the Alexandra and Windsor Car Park on Barry Avenue (cheapest) or The Car Park or the Castle Car Park on River street, as both will have spaces as that time of the morning, but please be aware of maximum waiting time at these carparks, as some are 2 hours max.

Where can I buy boat tickets for spectators?

You can buy boat tickets from the same entry system as you use to enter as a runner. We do normally sell out of spectator tickets for the boats very early due to limitations on numbers. So please don't delay

What if I can't run? In accordance with the terms and conditions you agreed to upon entry, we cannot normally offer refunds or deferrals for any reason. We can, however, transfer your place to another runner free of charge, providing you request this by 1st August at the latest. Please click the link on your original email receipt from the race to access your runners portal, where you can change any information yourself.

*We appreciate that due to the unprecedented situation over the past 12 months many races have been rescheduled over a tight timeline, this will undoubtedly have caused some events to clash and be held on the same day. For this reason we will allow a deferment to our 2022 event (date TBC) for any runners or boat spectators that have already got an entry carried over from 2020 that cannot make this years event. Please contact info@runface.co.uk with the individuals names that have been affected. These requests must be sent as soon as possible and received by the 1st of June 2021 at the latest.*

*Alternatively if you already have an entry and would like to run the race as a virtual 10k this year due to other events being held on the same day. Please let us know at info@runface.co.uk again by the 1st June 2021 at the latest and you can then choose to run the 10k virtually at any point in the 2 weeks preceding the event. Once completed send us your details and we will post out your bespoke medal and tee shirt to you.*

Can I wear Headphones?

In accordance with our terms and conditions, we politely but firmly request you do not wear headphones during the race. In the same way runners may be DQ'd for ignoring or being abusive to Marshals, ignoring marshal instructions (because you can't hear) may fall under the same bracket. Remember that Runface are runners, and we see enjoyment and safety as paramount, and knowing the course as we do, allowing a mass race out on the course without proper safety requirements would irresponsible.

Is there a bag drop?

Yes near the start area, but as always with bag drops, valuables are left at the owners risk

Are there free spectator places on the course?

Yes, there are on the Brocas field, which will be filled with refreshments, there will be the chance to see runners several times at the start and finish

Footwear choices?

Whilst parts of the course are off road on gravel and trails, providing the weather is/has been dry, normal trainers will be fine

Do you need volunteers to help?

Always! Please get in touch with info@runface.co.uk if you are able to help out on the day, either marshalling, registration or taking photos.

Can I bring a dog on the spectator boat?




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