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Hi All, and we look forward to welcoming you to the Get Active Relays this Sunday, with the first leg runners due to start at 9.30am. We hope you are your team mates will have a great time. Instructions for the day are below

Getting to the start

The run starts beside The Rugby Club - Slough RFC, Upton Court Park, Upton Court Road, Slough. Please use the large public car park at SL3 7LU it's free and a short jog (5-10 min walk) to the rugby club which will be our race HQ and race facility area. Please aim to arrive before 8.30am to ensure there is enough time for number collection and race prep. Parking and Start Map

Number Collection

We will be giving out race numbers to one member of the team, so only one person per team needs to come into registration. Teams will all be numbered, with A,B,C and D all fixed to the team number. Please ensure you all run in alphabetical order, as key timings will be taking when the "D" runner comes into the finish funnel. There will also be a sheet at registration for you to fill out the order of your runners to help us with result processing. We suggest one member of the team takes the responsibility for collecting numbers and assigning running legs. Team lists (as of 19/06/18. Any changes submitted before 23/5/18 will be added before sunday)

The Race

The race begins are 9.30am with all the "A" runners of each team all starting together for the first 4km lap. The "A" runners will then hand over to the "B" runner with physical contact in the transition zone. B will run their 4km leg and then hand to C runner, who in turn hands to the final D runner. The D runner will finish through the finish funnel and the teams finish time will be taken. Each runner will run 4km each, with each team therefore covering 16km. There will be a full brief at 9.15am that all runners need to attend.


We'll be working as quickly as possible to classify and check the winners of each category with an aim to give out prizes as promptly as possible after all category winners have finished. Teams will then be awarded their trophies. Combined team times will be published as quickly as possible after the event.

Prize Categories

JUNIORS (Combined age** of team Under 65)

SENIORS (Combined age** of team 65-159)

VETERANS (Combined age** of team 160-199)

MASTERS (Combined age** of team 200-239)

LEGENDS (Combined age** of team 240 or above)

Within each category you can enter all Male teams, all Female teams or a Mixed team. **Age on the day.

Runner Substitutions 

If one of your four person team is unable to compete on the day, please advise of the name and age of your substitute runner before race day. Please be mindful if this changes your category (see above, and advise us). Late Substitutions on the day, or runners having to run 2 legs, will be allowed, but you will be DQ'd from winning any team prizes, unless the substitute keeps the same age category. Please inform us of runner substitutions before midnight 25/5/18. Overly complex substitutions may cause us to be unable to process team results on the day.

Help on the day

As it stands, we are very short of race marshal help on the day. If you know of any friends or family happy to come along and help out (with any task, big all small), please let us know and we will give them a suitable task.

Parking and Start Map

Ensure you stay connected with our facebook event page for further details of the event


Not sure what team you are in?

Click here to see the team list including your team number

(as of 19/06/18. Any changes submitted before 23/5/18 will be added before sunday)